details from MAP

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details from MAP

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I have a single HXr screen (and a backup mini). I would like to access an approach plate from the single screen without having to lose the PFD display. That is, use the right knob to scroll to the target airport, get details then the plate. However, it seems that if the PFD is present the right knob is an autopilot function or altimeter function exclusively. To me it is a bit unnerving to leave the comfort of the PFD even for a moment (yes I know I said I had a mini as a backup but.....).
Am I missing another path?
Would it not be useful to have access to the details function while in the PFD/MAP split screen?
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Re: details from MAP

Post by jclark »

I have a request in for the upper right-hand knob and the four "remote" buttons to have the OPTION of being repurposed to provide "MAP page functions" when there are no "remote" devices.

Then you would have "DIRECT TO", "WPT DETAILS" and other functions readily available when in the SPLIT SCREEN mode.

I submitted this some time ago but have been very busy otherwise so I haven't checked with GRT on progress (IF ANY) on this request.

If they get around to it then I think your problem will be addressed.

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