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Viewing approach plates on HXr

Postby glk0346 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:36 am

Do I have to have my aircraft outside the hangar w/GPS reception in order to view approach plates on my Hxr. I ask this question because I have followed instructions to the "T" regarding downloading SEC, Low Alt Enroute, and approach plates and have been unable to access any plates on my thumb drive. When I press the "Plates" soft key, I get a msg that says no plates are available. Hmmm, what gives?

BTW, the recently recently released HXr User's Manual is a great product. My hats off to the folks at GRT.

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Re: Viewing approach plates on HXr

Postby Bobturner » Sun Oct 20, 2019 9:12 pm

I don’t think gps is required. You’re sure the plates folder has folders for each airport, with approaches inside that folder? Airport folders have three letter/number names, no leading ‘K’? Are you using the memory stick that came from GRT? Some other brands may not work.
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Re: Viewing approach plates on HXr

Postby GRT_Jeff » Wed Oct 23, 2019 2:31 am

If you're using the Seattle Avionics downloader then it will put the charts and plates in the correct locations on the drive. The Seattle data is organized differently from the PDF data. They include a database that the EFIS uses to find the matching plates for an airport. If you go to an airport details page and push PLATE then it should list all the plates for that airport. If you are going to the PFD/PLATE or MAP/PLATE page then you have to push LIST to look for plates in your flight plan. If you are using an external GPS then the flight plan may not transfer if you don't have GPS position.

If you have a very large drive, more than 32GB, and you've never successfully used it with the EFIS before, it might be formatted in a way the EFIS can't access. Some large drives come with a different format that the EFIS can't read. The drive must have the FAT32 format for the EFIS to read it. The Seattle Avionics downloader may warn about this.
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