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Re: Loading Geo-Ref plates

Postby GRT_Jeff » Mon Apr 06, 2020 10:53 pm

The latest script version is 4.4.3 because the FAA changed to HTTPS-only for the index file. It looks like at least one link to the script is outdated. I haven't tried it recently though. As you can see in the script development log the FAA sometimes changes the download site a little and that breaks the script. The script is just a downloader that looks for the current plates or only ones that changed, only downloads what the EFIS can use, and puts them in the right folders with more useful names.
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Re: Loading Geo-Ref plates

Postby murf64 » Wed Apr 22, 2020 12:53 am

I loaded the plates the other day with the DownloadPlates.pl script, and it took forever so I abandoned the download. Took a while to find a work around, but the following worked. I work in Linux, but I imagine it would work in windows, if you had it working before. Make a backup copy of DownloadPlates.pl first.

Basically, The wget app in the Perl script times out for every plate, even though it successfully downloads the plate.
To fix this open DownloadPlates.pl script in a text editor and change the timeout to 1 sec.

i.e. find this line:
#my $wgetCmd = "wget --tries=8 -T 30 --progress=bar:force -nv -O ";
and replace it with this line:
#my $wgetCmd = "wget --tries=8 -T 1 --progress=bar:force -nv -O ";

I changed it in 4 places, but I think the third one counts.

Save the changes, and try to run the script again. Good luck.
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Re: Loading Geo-Ref plates

Postby GRT_Jeff » Fri Apr 24, 2020 3:38 am

I changed my version of the Windows mode to use curl a while ago because the included wget was old and having trouble making connections. The FAA also changed to using HTTPS so I changed the links. I haven't tested it in a while so maybe there's some other issue now. Every once in a while they change something on their web server and it breaks the download process.

downloadplates-4.4.3.zip updated 2018-12-20
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