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Re: Configuration Of Audio Alerts

Postby maniago » Sat Jan 11, 2020 2:26 pm

Not trying to be a dick, but usually female voices are better for alerts, as in screaming is a high tone; low tones are associated with calmness. Theres a reason they call her "Bitchin Betty", and her friend the autopilot "George"......
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Re: Configuration Of Audio Alerts

Postby RV-HXr » Fri Jan 17, 2020 6:32 pm

There are a lot more alerts available than documented. I was able to determine about 60 of them. In the blog post link below you will find:

  • More info on how to expand your available audio alerts.
  • Additional important factors to consider.
  • Wav files you could use.
  • The process I used to compile the list below.
  • Suggestion on how to help identify more alarms.


Here is the list of alarms I've compiled. Remember to use four digits in the number for the file with format alarm####.wav.

  • Alarm: Alarm number (remember, the alarm####.wav filenames need to be four digits).
  • Message: My suggested voice message for the alarm. You can use something different if you prefer. Note: Your AUX inputs are probably different than mine so you will need to change the associated messages to match your configuration.
  • Description: What the alarm represents.
  • Predefined: If it is also a predefined alarm, the associated special filename.
Keep in mind: I make mistakes.


Probably 287 or 289 is "Pitch trim required". It's trivial to determine that by artificially causing that alert.
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