upgrading single screen

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upgrading single screen

Post by jjeppson »

We have first generation dual WS displays. Can we upgrade only 1 EFIS unit and still be compatible or do we need to upgrade both. Thanks. We will stop by at Oshkosh also.
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Re: upgrading single screen

Post by GRTBen »

Yes, upgrading any of the EFIS screens can be upgraded and will still be compatible with the older WS screens.

See you at Oshkosh.
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Re: upgrading single screen

Post by 330drvr »

I upgraded dual WS screens to dual HX after Sun n Fun. Wonderful improvement. Much more robust processor, synthetic vision, engine instruments across the bottom of the screen, multitude of high speed connections and more. Highly recommend if you can.

Had to cut the panel a little bit to accommodate but the Dremel tool did a great job!
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Re: upgrading single screen WS to HS

Post by billfear »

I did exactly that, one of my WS units needed repair so I elected to upgrade it to WS. Great improvement is quality and useability. I love the engine strip at the bottom and I now fly with the split PFD/HSI display almost all the time. GRT transferred everything for me, so I just plugged it in and flew. See my photo under just upgraded post from April
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