ADS-B -- Heading Mode

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ADS-B -- Heading Mode

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I have installed a Navworx ADS-B and after some port swapping I got it all working. Traffic and weather. But, now when I am coupled to the autopilot and in heading mode, I can not effectively change heading. Either there is a long delay....15-20 seconds or it only changes 1 degree a second. Works fine in e-nav. What did I screw up. :)
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Re: ADS-B -- Heading Mode

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Do you mean a delay in the heading select indicator, or the autopilot doesn't roll?

The heading select indicator could bounce around if you have more than one display and there's no Primary set on the Display Link. This is the SET MENU, General Setup, Inter-Display Link, Inter-Display Link ID setting. One display in the system should be set to Primary.

If the autopilot follows ENAV but doesn't roll well in HDG mode, scroll down to the end of the SET MENU, General Setup page to see if the Heading Gain was altered. This setting applies to ARINC-429, GRT, and Coupler autopilots.
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