Horizon WS flight plan.....how to activate?

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Horizon WS flight plan.....how to activate?

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I have a dual screen Horizon WS in my Arion Lightning I purchased not that long ago. This is my first experience with glass cockpit aircraft.....read this to mean I am an old guy and a real dummy at this electronic stuff........Great plane and all is well with the WS except I can not figure out how to activate a fight plan in the Horizon unit. I have been successful in creating flight plans, and have read the operating manual about a zillion times, talked to GRT several times (I am sure I am missing an important point to all this) but still have no idea how to activate the flightplan........Need Help!!

We live with our plane at Hilltop Lakes, Texas.....the "Airport City" side......would be more than happy to fly the bird to your location (Texas is a really big place) or we invite anyone in the central Texas area in for a look and some of my wife's famous fried chicken!!!
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Re: Horizon WS flight plan.....how to activate?

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All internal flight plan changes are activated immediately.

If the waypoints and course indications are not updating on other parts of the system, you may need to change a Flight Plan Source setting. If the PLAN page says "EXTERNAL FLIGHT PLAN" every time you go to it, then the WS is configured to use an external GPS plan for the selected GPS. Most handheld and panel mount GPS units have their own flight plan functions. In the Horizon WS, each GPS input has a setting for using an internal or external plan. These are the GPS1 Flight Plan Source and GPS2 Flight Plan Source settings in SET MENU, General Setup. If you want to use the internal flight plan in the WS, make sure the setting for the respective GPS is set to Internal. For example, if you have a GRT GPS module configured as GPS1, then the GPS1 Flight Plan Source setting should be Internal.
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