Ground Testing a new installation

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Ground Testing a new installation

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Just a heads up on something I found out about that I couldn't find in the installation manuals. It's probably in there but had I found it, it would have saved me a lot of wiring trouble shooting.

Once both servo's were installed and wired in I was checking to see if they worked. Software version check showed they were communicating so I started buttoning up. Later when we went through and checked settings and trim directions things looked normal. After all that was set, I just engaged the A/P to check heading bug and elevator movement. Lateral A/P servo ENG worked and it followed the heading bug, but the Pitch Servo showed ENG for about a half second and then dissappeared.

I traced all wiring and connections to the pitch servo and since it worked in the test modes I knew I had power to it. Software version showed correctly so what to do. Finally just went and flew it and it all worked perfectly.

The secret that I didn't find in the install manual was that the pitch servo will not stay engaged unless there is movement sensed. So, the indications that it wasn't working on the ground were correct, but very confusing.

I'm just putting this out to folks that are installing their A/P and can't get the Pitch servo to work on the ground. THIS IS NORMAL... GO FLY IT TO TEST IT..
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Re: Ground Testing a new installation

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I just installed my servos this past week and discovered the very same thing you mentioned. Pitch would not activate on ground even with auto pilot speed set to zero. But it sure worked in the air.
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