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EIS AltCor: Calibrating the Altimeter/Barometric Pressure)

Posted: Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:11 pm
by Skyffej
I have an ESI with Alt and airspeed that is also part of an Horozin setup (not sure if that matters in this case since the EIS is doign it's own alt)

I am trying to accomplish this in my EIS
7.13 AltCor (Calibrating the Altimeter/Barometric Pressure)
To calibrate the altimeter so that the barometric pressure it registers is correct, the follow procedure should be followed.
This procedure must be performed with a new instrument, and should be re-checked on an annual basis.
*Turn on the instrument and allow 5 minutes or more for its internal temperatures to stabilize.*Using the Altimeter Set page, set the altimeter so that the barometric pressure display matches the current altimeter
setting. Note that this is the 4 digit number immediately after the ALT label on this set page. No decimal point is
provided, so an altimeter setting of 29.92 will be displayed as 2992
*Adjust the ALTCor setting on the configuration set pages so that the altitude display (in feet) matches the local
elevation. The nominal value of the ALTCor is 128. Increasing this number by one will change the altimeter display
by 6 feet.
*If your ALTCor falls outside the range of 50-200, you may have made a mistake in your calibration.

Here is what I am doing

I press both left button on the EIS (set limits)
Then I press the most right button until I get to a screen that shows:

ALT Baro
870 30.00

However if I press the two left most buttons (one at a time) the Alt value goes up or down
I can not get the BARO to change (and I also have a decimal point when the directions say I should not)

What am I missing !!!
Am I in the wrong screen ???

Re: EIS AltCor: Calibrating the Altimeter/Barometric Pressur

Posted: Mon May 02, 2016 10:40 pm
by JimB
I think what you are to do is this:

Press the Left & Center button to get to the Settings pages. Scroll thru (right button) and set the Baro to the local baro setting. Then press the right button to get out of Settings pages.

Then go to the Config Pages To access the “Configuration Set” pages, press and hold the center and right button until the screen shows “UP
DOWN NEXT” on the bottom row. The display will momentarily show the “Set Lean Pt” page while holding
these buttons. This is normal. After about 5-10 seconds, the “Configuration Set” pages will be displayed.

In here adjust ALTCor so that the field elevation is correct.

Then exit the config pages.

Jim Butcher

Re: EIS AltCor: Calibrating the Altimeter/Barometric Pressur

Posted: Mon May 02, 2016 10:43 pm
by Skyffej

I got reply back from GRT, my unit has an older version of software that has a bug that was fixed in a later version. so my unit needs to go in for repair :-(
but at least they know what the issue is and it can be fixed ! :-)