Adaptive AHRS

Adaptive AHRS / Air Data Computer


With more than 15 years experience producing AHRS, we were anxious to take advantage of the latest in MEMS technologies to update our design. We started with a clean sheet, and built around the solid physics and mathematical algorithms that distinguished our AHRS with its ability to operate unaided. The Adaptive AHRS is the result. It is representative of the constant technological innovation here at GRT Avionics.

Adaptive Attitude Means Redundancy

No longer limited to a single source of yaw reference, the Adaptive AHRS makes use of three sources of yaw stabilization data. Built into every Adaptive AHRS is a miniature magnetometer (for yaw stabilization only), as well as algorithm and software enhancements, giving it the ability to use GPS ground track. In addition, our AHRS has never required air data to function, and that remains true today. What does this mean to you?

  • Attitude data unaffected by the loss of the external magnetometer. The AHRS automatically reverts to gyro-stabilized GPS ground track, or its internal magnetometer.
  • Simplified Installation – One digital magnetometer can be shared with multiple AHRS and the Mini-X/Mini-AP, reducing cost, weight, and complexity.
  • One set of pitot/static connections for a dual AHRS reduces opportunities for pitot/static plumbing leaks, simplifies altimeter calibration and reduces cost.
  • Simple upgrade to a Dual AHRS. The same enclosure houses single or dual AHRS.
  • The internal magnetometer provides yaw stabilization data for a full-accuracy AHRS startup even when an external magnetometer is unavailable.
  • Fast startup. Full accuracy attitude data is typically available 15 seconds after power-up, and there are no limitations on motion during startup.

Adaptive Mounting

Mount the GADAHRS in any of 8 orientations – without regard to location relative to the aircraft center-line or center-of-gravity. Thirty degrees of roll, pitch and yaw adjustments eliminate the need for constructing a precise mount, or tedious shimming. The AHRS accounts for its orientation with full accuracy. Another GRT industry exclusive.


Auto-Leveling Quick Mount Digital Magnetometer

Mount the magnetometer however it is convenient,and it will measure its own orientation. No brackets or adjustments are required. It couldn’t be easier. Want more? One magnetometer can now be used with multiple AHRS and even shared with the Mini-X or Mini-AP!


Ultra-Stable, High Accuracy Air Data Sensors

IFR certifiable altimeter data is complemented with an airspeed sensor so precise that we show airspeed as low as 20 knots. This makes the adaptive AHRS ideal for helicopter and STOL aircraft, and provides confidence in your approach speed with its maximum error of only 0.7 knots at a 70 knot approach speed.

Block Diagram of the Adaptive AHRS

The AHRS ability to provide attitude data without air data or GPS aiding, or even a magnetometer, eliminates the need for dual air data sensors and redundant magnetometers. Independent power supplies and support circuitry are used so that no single failure would compromise both AHRS.