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Hours: Monday through Friday from 9AM -to 5PM

Phone: 616-245-7700



Please make sure you have used the latest version of the manuals while attempting to resolve any issues before contacting tech support!

Our manuals are updated from time-to-time to reflect new features, improved procedures, and correction of errors.   Using the latest version will save you time and trouble. Go to  the SUPPORT section of this site and then navigate to the appropriate product support page to download the latest manuals.

Technical support for all GRT products is provided at no charge, for all instruments produced over the last 26 years, for original and future owners. While we are happy to assist our customers with questions about our equipment, often the information we provide over the phone is also available in our installation manuals and other resources on our website.

We ask that before you call, please use the materials we provide on the website to make your best reasonable attempt to answer your question.  If this proves insufficient, we will do our best to answer your tech calls during support hours.  Messages left during support hours will be answered as soon as possible.  

When calling, please have the  serial number and software version of your unit handy.  We often ask for this during troubleshooting, so it might save you a trip to the airport.

Tech support is available Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 12 PM and 2 PM to 4 PM  EDT

Phone: (616) 245-7700


If you need to return your display unit or EIS to us for service, please download, fill in and print the Service Request Form linked below and send it with your unit.  Please call GRT Tech Support before sending us your unit, as many problems can be resolved over the phone.   

Service Request Form

   *There is a $100 minimum bench charge for repairs out of the warranty period.*