EIS Package 9 Cylinder Radial (M14)

EIS Package 9-cylinder Radial (M14)

    Basic Package
EIS Engine Monitor M9000
EIS Wiring Harnesses



Cylinder Head Temperature Probes (3) * CHT-04-01
Exhaust Gas Temperature Probes (9) * EGT-HCS-01
Oil Pressure HPS-01
Oil Temperature FT-1827-02
Fuel Pressure HPS-02
Fuel Flow (to engine only) FF-EI-FT-60
Manifold Pressure (0-51 in.) MAP-02
Hall Effect Current Sensor, +/- 100 amp CS-01  
Package price   $2,006


* The EIS 9000 is limited to 9 EGT’s and 3 CHT’s and this package includes 9 EGT and 3 CHT probes..  If monitoring of 9 CHT’s is required, additional CHT’s and switching are required to read the CHT’s in banks of 3.  Additional switching and CHT probes are not included in the package.