GRT Remote App

GRT Remote App for Android™

GRT REMOTE offers many tools to ease pilot workload for flight planning and radio tuning. It is also a unique and simple solution for back-seat flight instruments and controls for radios and flight planning.

Features of the GRT Remote App for Android:

  • Works on most Android phones and tablets of all sizes
  • Synchronizes with Horizon HX, HXr, EX, Sport EX,SX, Mini-X and Mini-AP EFIS systems via Bluetooth (all except HXr and HX require powered USB hub)
  • Designed by pilots, for pilots, with large graphical elements for ease of use in turbulent cockpits
  • Real-time flight planning with pilot-friendly way-point selection
  • Effortless radio tuning with frequency lists that correspond to the flight plan
  • Frequencies are labeled with ATC or airport identification and distance/bearing to station
  • PFD screen repeats the EFIS flight instruments for backseat co-pilots
  • HUD view when connected to a Hudly heads-up display.

GRT Remote App Download Links

Your Android device must have “Unknown Sources” enabled in the Security settings in order to install apps from web sites. Access this web page with your tablet or smartphone and download app directly to it by clicking here.

Alternatively, scan this QR code directly off the computer screen with your Android device’s barcode reader to download the App. Tap the link, then press OK to begin the download.


Instructions for Installing and using the Android App and Bluetooth

Release Notes: Version 2.4.1 (July 31, 2018) disables the Bluetooth question pop-up in HUD mode and fixes an app crash on some compute sticks. Version 2.4.0 (May 30, 2018) adds localizer and glideslope from GPS and ILS, adds GPS altitude, adds dimming with EFIS, and fixes the effect of drift angle on some objects. Version 2.3.2 adds a moving flight director, adds another scaling option for more HUD devices, fixes an app crash in HUD mode, and fixes a problem running on the BT-200 glasses. Version 2.3.0 adds many improvements to the HUD mode (see HUD news post). Version 2.2.2 fixes app errors on newer devices. Version 2.2.0 adds improvements for the Hudly and adds the Runway Overrun/Low Approach Protection Function (ROLAP) to the HUD mode. Version 2.1.0 adjusts the HUD view for the Hudly and adds support for the BT-300 glasses. Version 2.0.1 fixes a blank screen on some devices. Version 2.0.0 adds the HUD mode for GRT Vision. Version 1.3.0 offers remote radio tuning using a pilot-friendly radio frequency selection page based on your flight plan. It continues support for the remote PFD page and flight planning, with improved formatting for phones and tablets of different sizes.

Current EFIS software and a Bluetooth USB dongle are required for connectivity. Sport EX, SX and Mini require the installation of a powered USB hub. Option Package 1 (Feature Set 1) is required for the Mini EFIS. See the App instruction manual, linked above, for more information on choosing and setting up your Bluetooth dongle. The HUD Option is required for the HUD view after the trial period.