Horizon WS Support

Horizon WS Support


Display Unit Software
(Includes AHRS 46 and Adaptive AHRS 66)

Release Notes and History

36.00 2/27/2018
Software Update Instructions    

This section contains software in the development or testing stage for customers interested in testing new features before a final release. The software below may be incomplete or have unexpected behavior.  Never use in instrument conditions or other situations where EFIS failure or unexpected behavior will affect safety of flight.

No beta software available at this time.
Release Date
Horizon HX-HS-WS User Manual  D  9/25/2015
Horizon HX-HS-WS Setup Manual A 2/2009
Horizon HX-HS-WS Installation Manual  D 3/2015
Cable Descriptions
HS/WS Cable Description (1 display/1 AHRS)  C 1/23/2004
HS/WS Cable Description (2 display/2 AHRS)  A 3/01/2004
HS/WS Cable Description (3 display/1 AHRS)  A 1/25/2004
Example Wiring Diagrams
Wiring Diagram- Dual display, GNC 300XL  2 4/28/2005
Wiring Diagram- Dual display, GNS 480 4 5/6/2008
Wiring Diagram- Dual display, GNS 430W/530W 1 2/22/2008
Optional Wiring
HS/WS Trim/Flap Sensor Installation A4 4/13/2013
Remote Dimming & Page Flip wiring A 4/2009
OAT Probe Installation Notes (All Systems) A1 8/28/2014


Equipment Supplements

These “mini-manuals” explain how to install and set up popular devices and avionics that work with GRT EFIS systems. You can pick the ones you need, print them out, write notes all over them and store them with your aircraft’s electrical system diagrams. Check back often for new releases or email us for special requests. We often create new supplements based on customer requests and then post them here for everyone’s benefit.

Release date
ADS-B Receiver Supplement (universal) A 3/17/2016
Avidyne IFD Series – Please see Garmin GNS430 supplement. (same connector and configuration)
Dual XGPS170 ADS-B Receiver  A3 7/09/2014
Flight Data Systems Pathfinder ADS-B Receiver  A1 11/10/2014
Garmin GNS430/530 Series A2 6/10/2014
Garmin GTN650/750 Series A1 6/10/2014
Garmin GTX327 Transponder  A 12/15/2014
Garmin GTX330 Transponder  A1  10/23/2013
GRT External GPS Modules  A 5/31/2013
Microair M760REM User Manual 1 3/10/2011
PS-Engineering PAC15EX remote audio panel/intercom for HXr  A1 4/29/2014
PS Eng PRI30EX Remote Intercom Manual  – 6/2013
PS Eng PRI30EX Remote Intercom Supplement  A 3/2016
Radenna SkyRadar D2 and DX ADS-B Receiver  A2 7/09/2014
Stratux (Raspberry Pi – Based) ADS-B Receiver  A1 3/16/2016
Trig TT21/TT22 Transponder  A2 5/28/2014
Trig TY91 Remote Com Radio  A 12/13/2013
Drawings and Dimensions
Release Date
Horizon WS Bezel