Kivic and Epic Eagle Heads-Up Displays now supported


In our continuing effort to provide more options to our customers, we have added support for for two more Heads-Up-Displays, the Kivic and the Epic Eagle.

The Kivic is a compact all-in-one unit. It is light-weight and adjustable, with an attractive high-tech look. It is similar to the Hudly, but its one-piece design may be easier to mount in some cases, It’s light weight, would seem to make it well suited for a swing down installation from above in airplanes like the RV-10. It uses its own version of screen-mirroring*, which appeared to have minimal latency (delay). A very promising HUD, and retails for only $225!

The Epic Eagle is an aviation HUD which features an image focused at infinity and a high-resolution screen. We have not flown with this HUD yet, but verified its focus is at infinity. It is a larger unit, but keep in mind that our app allows it to be installed inverted if desired, for a possible swing-down installation.  The test unit we evaluated appeared to be unable to dim enough for night flying. It currently uses screen-mirroring Epic plans to add an HDMI input to the next version. It retails for approximately $2000.


* Screen mirroring allows a tablet or cell phone to transmit its display onto another device (such as a HUD) using wireless wi-fi technology. This method can add some latency (maybe a couple tenths of a second) to the image. Screen-mirroring is not compatible with a compute stick and does require selection of the appropriate mode on the tablet or cell phone before flying.

Software update for Mini series EFIS displays available

Mini Software Version 4.02  (1/23/2018)

Changes include:

  • Fix false roll/pitch trim required warnings from non-controlling unit by detecting which unit is controlling the GRT servos.
    New setting in A/P Maintenance, Controller Number, sets controller. Set to 1 for the primary controller and 2 for the backup controller. Auto uses the display link ID
  • Add data to the Bluetooth link to support future PFD/HUD graphics
  • Don’t show vertical speed if the altitude is marked invalid
  • Add support for CO Guardian and Life Guardian
  • Automatically acknowledge temporary warnings from echoUAT TMAP after 10 seconds, and ignore false warning flags
  • Hide ADS-B status lines that aren’t supported by the connected receiver
  • Hide SPC Input Counter when configured for echoUAT TMAP, it doesn’t count in this mode
  • Fix loss of external magnetometer heading when a remote air data module and an external magnetometer are connected to separate ports and the magnetometer is not connected to the air data module

Visit the Mini Support page to download the update.

Major HUD Software Update


The latest release of the GRT Remote app provides greatly enhanced HUD functionality, including full support for augmented reality mode. This mode points out the runway to you, with outlining of its runway edges, and a flight path marker that are shown referenced to the outside world.

Among the new functionality:

  • Augmented Reality Mode and Condensed Mode fully supported
  • Highway-in-the-Sky approach guidance
  • Runway outline
  • Enlarged HSI with heading bug
  • Course capture – HSI enlarges, moves to center, and shows ground path prediction
  • GPS Goto Waypoint display with selectable distance and ETA
  • Height above runway
  • Inverted projector mounting option
  • Improved automatic runway detection
  • Verified full functionality with $30 Android compute stick MK809 III with auto-startup

Download the latest HUD user manual to learn more.

Download the latest software here.

Development continues…stay tuned for the latest!

GRT Avionics to support Hudly Wireless Heads-Up Display

The latest Heads-Up Display by Hudly, the Hudly Wireless, will be directly supported by GRT Avionics. Our approach to driving after-market Heads-Up Displays(HUD) allows for full functionality of this HUD as well as display optimization using existing user settings. We will evaluate this display when it becomes available for possible optimizations and recommendations to our customers.

Can a Heads-Up Display Help You Fly Safer Approaches?

The approach phase of flight requires a lot of concentration and there are many opportunities for mistakes to occur. Shallow approaches, coming in too fast or slow, running off the end the runway or even landing on the wrong runway can easily happen. The GRT Heads-Up Display provides valuable information, guidance and warnings without having to look down at a PFD and then re-focus your vision, read the display, look back out the window and re-focus your eyes again. The most important flight data is continually before your eyes as you look out the window along your approach path.

In many ways, the Heads-Up Display obsoletes traditional panel mounted instrumentation, providing a more natural way to stay aware of your approach. Lets take you through a typical approach…  Read more