Magnetometer issues

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Magnetometer issues

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I have a remote magnetometer that I can't seem to get working correctly.
My initial install was in the same location as the recently removed NSD1000 remote compass - I modified the bracket and put it in the same place.
This resulted in about 15-20 degrees of variation from my SIRS compass and the other (AFS) EFIS unit.
Performed the calibration according to the documentation provided
No improvement...
Updated software per the website
Re-ran calibration
No improvement...
Sent the magnetometer in for factory alignment
No improvement...
Removed unit from the NSD mount and velcro'ed it to the fuselage floor to manually adjust the alignment (about twenty degrees off) to get the numbers to align on the ground
Flew in that configuration - no consistency in display.

Mark subsequently recommended installing it in the wing so I made up an extension cable for the 4 pin RS-232 cable and taped it to the wing - not I did not fly this way - simply towed it around in a circle!
This resulted in a 34 degree variance from other indicators.

Anyone out there have a known good environment with a four pin serial GRT magnetometer that would be willing to swap mine in and test?
If it works in someone else's plane, then I know I need to fix my installation area.

Ralph Capen
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