Audio Pulse

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Audio Pulse

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With only the EFIS and related avionics up, I get a 1 second low amplitude pulse on the intercom. I have the PAC15EX installed. The pulse is not lighting related - its from avionics. I wonder if it is an alarm (but not sure from where). The pulse presents when the engine is not on and power to avionics is either on the IBBS or main batteries.

Perhaps the EIS?

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Re: Audio Pulse

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Not sure about the pulse length and amplitude, but the EIS has a repeating tone for its alarm. It could be the low oil pressure alarm or any other alarm that's programmed in the EIS. If you have a regular EIS with buttons you could look at the display to see if some number is flashing or just try pressing its Ack button to see if it stops. If there are multiple alarms you will need to acknowledge each one of them.
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