Airspeed Mismatch with Sport EX and calibration

New in 2019 this product is called the "10.1" after its screen size and is available in Horizon and Sport feature sets. This is not to be confused with an HXr although it shares similar features and graphics.
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Airspeed Mismatch with Sport EX and calibration

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Hi, I have a Horizon 10.1 and a Sport EX MFDs connected to the same pitot/static system of my aircraft. In flight at cruise speed, there is a difference of approximately 1.5 knot between the two MFDs. Is there a way to calibrate indicated airspeed?

Also, i noticed that my ground speed is always higher than my true airspeed. This is true for both EFIS. Of course, since both screen do not read same Airspeed, calculated wind differ from one MFD to the other.

Is there a way to perform a true airspeed calibration to correct the situation?
What could be the cause of an airspeed under reading? My Static Port is located in the pitot tube, from the kit plane manufacturer.

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Horizon 10.1 with SW v2.00 and Sport EX 7 with SW v4.00
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Re: Airspeed Mismatch with Sport EX and calibration

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There isn't currently a way to calibrate the displayed indicated airspeed but we are looking into that for this type of situation.

True airspeed can be calibrated with SET MENU, AHRS Maintenance, True Airspeed Corrections. The automatic process has you fly into the wind and with the wind to compare your ground speed with true airspeed to compute corrections to the indicated speed. This will not change the displayed indicated speed though. It is also possible to edit the table manually if necessary. You need corrections at two speeds at least, like low speed and cruise speed. Don't enter multiple corrections around the same speed.

Some planes are known to have inaccurate airspeed indications due to the location of the ports and the design of the plane. I don't know if that's the case here but it has been the reason in a few installations.
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