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Electronic Flight Instrumentation for Experimental Aircraft Since 1991

2/18/2015- New HX/Hxr Pricing. Optional 429 and new AHRS drops prices by $1000+.

2/18/2015- New Adaptive AHRS.

A new AHRS brings added redundancy, simplified installation and magnetometer sharing.

12/19/2014- Mini-AP is now shipping.

A rich, fully featured stand-alone autopilot meets a top notch EFIS in a beautiful package.

12/17/2014- The internal Li-Ion battery option for the Mini is now shipping. This long life built-in user replaceable battery is a perfect match to the Mini EFIS.

10/14/2014- Video tutorial/Oshkosh forum presentation, Flying the HXr in IFR by Jerry Morris, is now posted to YouTube.

10/8/2014- New software updates for Horizon HX/HXr and Sport SX add a variety of great new features, including ADS-B TFRs.

9/18/2014- New Nav Database Update

9/11/2014- New Mini software updates available. AHRS 51 reduces sensitivity of pitot/static readout. Display v. 1e adds wind vector to Mini-X and AP with magnetometer.

8/27/2014- Oshkosh Forum video collection is now available (HXr forum is coming soon.)

8/27/2014- Mini-X manual revision A3 now available with information on HITS, Synthetic Approach, and other new features.

8/19/2014- New Mini software updates available including Enroute Highway-In-The-Sky boxes and OAT and Density Altitude display. Also- Air Data Software v. 4

7/23/2014- New Mini-X software update for remote magnetometer calibration

7/9/2014- FDS Pathfinder Remote ADS-B Receiver Supplement published

6/9/2014- OAT Probe Notes published

6/6/14- Mini-X manual released

5/29/2014- New Nav Database Update

5/29/2014- First software updates for Mini are now available (all Mini models)

5/23/2014- Mini-B and Mini-X Now Shipping!

5/23/2014- Mini-B Installation, Setup, & User Manual Released

5/1/2014- HXr Version 2b Released

3/21/2014 - Geo-Referenced Sectionals & IFR Charts Now Available for HX & HXr

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HorizonHXrHXr – The flagship of the GRT line, 10.4 and 12” screens, featuring wide view, selectable insets that preserve your instrument scan, remote radio rack capable, and extensive interfacing. An excellent IFR solution. Android app compatible.

HorizonHXHX – The flagship of the GRT line in 6.5” and 8.4” screens, split screens, support for remote transponder, and extensive interfacing. An excellent IFR solution that requires less panel space than the HXr. Android app compatible.

SX – The high value and high function EFIS, available in 6.5” and 8.4” screens.  Plenty of interfacing and using the same AHRS as the top-of-the-line HX/HXr, makes this an ideal choice for VFR and IFR panels.

Mini Mini – The 4.3” EFIS that works perfectly as an minimum cost primary EFIS, or as a backup. When used with other GRT EFIS systems, it provides automatic cross-checking of its attitude, flight plan sharing, and more. Includes full performance (no aiding required) AHRS.

AutopilotAutopilot Servos

Add to any GRT EFIS and most Mini EFIS, at any time, to fully automate your airplane. Smooth and accurate, as you would expect from GRT.

Engine Monitors

EIS Engine Monitors

Robust and inexpensive, these engine monitors have been proven in over 25,000 installations. They provide all the function you will ever need, and the reliability to match. Models for all engines, from two-stroke and four-strokes, to turboprops and jets...we have you covered.

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