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October 19, 2017 - GRT Safe-Fly Compliance for FAA 14 CFR 91.227
As a result of the problems encountered by Navworx with regard to their GPS performance... Read more

October 23, 2017 - FAA acknowledges Safe-Fly GPS
The GRT Avionics Safe-Fly GPS has been added to the available menu selections for GPS position source when requesting an FAA Public ADS-B Performance Report

October 27, 2017 - Safe-Fly GPS Installation manual has been updated.

Affordable, 2020 Compliant ADS-B!

Introducing the uAvionix echoUAT and GRT Safe-fly 2020 GPS Package

Only $1,490

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Keep your head up

and enjoy the view outside with GRT HUD!

* Aircraft mounted heads-up display
* Sunlight -Readable color symbology
* Primary Flight Data, Flight Director, HSI
* Compatible with all GRT EFIS systems


for as little as

Horizon EX EFIS

7' high-resolution display with AHRS. Buy it now for VFR, expand it later for IFR!

7' high-resolution display with Synthetic Vision. The perfect drop in upgrade for our Horizon WS screen.



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Touch-screen option available for both models.

Starting at only



EFIS Displays

Heads Up Display



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