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10/14/2014- Video tutorial/Oshkosh forum presentation, Flying the HXr in IFR by Jerry Morris, is now posted to YouTube.

10/8/2014- New software updates for Horizon HX/HXr and Sport SX add a variety of great new features, including ADS-B TFRs.

9/18/2014- New Nav Database Update

9/11/2014- New Mini software updates available. AHRS 51 reduces sensitivity of pitot/static readout. Display v. 1e adds wind vector to Mini-X and AP with magnetometer.

8/27/2014- Oshkosh Forum video collection is now available (HXr forum is coming soon.)

8/27/2014- Mini-X manual revision A3 now available with information on HITS, Synthetic Approach, and other new features.

8/19/2014- New Mini software updates available including Enroute Highway-In-The-Sky boxes and OAT and Density Altitude display. Also- Air Data Software v. 4

7/23/2014- New Mini-X software update for remote magnetometer calibration

7/9/2014- FDS Pathfinder Remote ADS-B Receiver Supplement published

6/9/2014- OAT Probe Notes published

6/6/14- Mini-X manual released

5/29/2014- New Nav Database Update

5/29/2014- First software updates for Mini are now available (all Mini models)

5/23/2014- Mini-B and Mini-X Now Shipping!

5/23/2014- Mini-B Installation, Setup, & User Manual Released

5/1/2014- HXr Version 2b Released

3/21/2014 - Geo-Referenced Sectionals & IFR Charts Now Available for HX & HXr


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