Miscellaneous Documentation

Release Date
ADS-B Receiver Supplement (universal) A 3/17/2016
AHRS Pinout (Adaptive) B 3/15/2018
AHRS Installation (Legacy) B 2/24/2004
Android App Users Guide B 4/13/2017
ARINC 429 – External Module Wiring A 4/06/2020
Avidyne IFD440/540 Series (Garmin GNS430 supplement, pin compatible) A2 6/10/2014
Battery Backup (for Sport EFIS only) C  
CAN Bus Adapter   8/2017
Flight Data Systems Pathfinder ADS-B Receiver A1 11/10/2014
Garmin GNS430/530 Series A2 6/10/2014
Garmin GTN650/750 Series A1 6/10/2014
Garmin GTX327 Transponder A 12/15/2014
Garmin GTX330 Transponder A1 10/23/2013
GRT External GPS Modules A 5/31/2013
GPS – Safe-Fly 2020 GPS and echoUAT Installation Manual P 8/21/2019
GPS / ARINC / Magnetometer Dimensions D  5/15/2013
GPS Wiring (VFR RAIM) A  
GPS Wiring (VFR WAAS) B  
Grey Code Adapter Wiring   1/2017
GRT Vision User Manual addendum to Remote App User Guide  0 8/19/2015
Heads-up Display Package Install and User Manual (Current) H 3/3/2020
Heads-up Display User Manual (Legacy) H 3/3/2020
Instrument Approach User Manual   7/20/2018
Magnetometer Installation (Analog/Legacy) D  5/15/2012
Magnetometer Mount Drawing (Optional)  A 1/01/2013
Microair M760REM User Manual 1 3/10/2011
OAT Probe Installation Notes (all systems)  A1  8/28/2014
PS-Engineering PAC15EX Remote Audio Panel/Intercom for HXr A1 4/29/2014
PS Engineering PDA360XR Remote Audio Panel/Intercom  Manual   10/2016
PS Eng PRI30EX Remote Intercom Manual   6/2013
PS Eng PRI30EX Remote Intercom Supplement A 3/2016
Radenna SkyRadar D2 and DX ADS-B Receiver A2 7/09/2014
Remote Air Data Module Wiring A 1/20/2018
Seattle Avionics Chart Data for Horizon  A3 10/10/2014
Serial Port Combiner/Expander Install Manual  A  3/31/2017
Stratux (Raspberry Pi – Based) ADS-B Receiver E 1/19/2024
Trig TT21/TT22 Transponder A2 5/28/2014
Trig TY91 Remote Com Radio and Rev B plastic serial adapter (2021+) D 11/23/2021
Trig TY91 Remote Com Radio and original metal serial adapter A 12/13/2013
uAvionix echoUAT Documentation    
USB Extension Cable – Panel Mount Template    
User Database Instructions

C 7/31/2018
XM Weather Connector Definitions A 10/03/2005
XM Weather Installation D 2/2012