Horizon HXr Support

Horizon HXr Support


Display Unit Software
(Includes AHRS 46 and Adaptive AHRS 66)

Release Notes & History

Software Update Instructions

7.02 5/1/2019

Audio Alerts (Optional)

Audio Alert Instructions


This section contains software in the development or testing stage for customers interested in testing new features before a final release. The software below may be incomplete or have unexpected behavior. Never use in instrument conditions or other situations where EFIS failure or unexpected behavior will affect safety of flight

Release Date

Approach Procedure Software
The procedure functions require the Nav and Proc database below in place of the non-procedure navigation database. See the Instrument Approach User Manual for instructions and limitations.

Version 7.01+proc5 is a small update over proc4 that includes the 7.01 changes, fixes single-circuit holding patterns, direct-to course updates, early waypoint sequencing, and moves the main SNAP button.

Version 7.02+proc6 includes the 7.02 changes.

7.02-proc6 5/1/2019
GRT US Government Nav and Proc database
This replaces the main GRT navigation database with one that includes approach procedure data. The update procedure is the same as the non-procedure navigation database. Use Load Navigation Database to load it.
Effective 5/21/2020 5/18/2020
release date
Horizon HXr User Manual Preliminary 9/20/2019
Quick Reference Pilot’s Card for HXr A1 5/28/2013
Flight Instrumentation Use and Customization A1 10/16/2013
Using the HXr Moving Map A1 11/05/2013
HSI and Selection of Nav Source A1 10/06/2013
Using the Autopilot and Flight Director A1 9/06/2013
Using Remote Avionics A1 4/05/2013
HXr Graphical Engine Display Setup A 11/05/2013
Viewing Weather & Traffic on HXr A1 10/16/2013
HXr Installation Manual A5 5/07/2015
IFR Approach Users Manual Initial 7/20/2018
Cable Descriptions
HXr Connector Pinout Diagram A4 4/03/2013
ARHS Pinout (Adaptive) A 5/7/2015
Example Wiring Diagrams
Sample HXr Wiring Diagram 11/20/2012
HXr Suggested Serial Port Setup 11/20/2012
Dual Display Wiring w/ GTN 650 11/20/2012
Optional Wiring
HXr Trim/Flap Sensor Installation  A5 6/20/2014
OAT Probe Installation Notes (All Systems) A1 8/28/2014
HXr Drawings and Dimensions
8.4” Display Unit Bezel Template A 1/16/2018
10.4” Display Unit Bezel Template (built after 11/01/2017) A 1/15/2018
10.4” Display Unit Bezel Template (built before 11/01/2017) D 1/15/2018
12.1” Display Unit Bezel Template C 7/15/2013