EIS Package for 6 Cylinder Lycoming or Continental Engines

EIS Packages for 6 Cylinder Lycoming or Continental Engines

    Basic Package Advanced Package Remote Package
EIS Engine Monitor M6000
EIS Wiring Harnesses CAB-25A-01
Bayonet-style Cylinder Head Temperature Probes (6)* CHT-BAY-01
CHT Probe Bayonet Adapters (6) CHT-ADP-01
Exhaust Gas Temperature Probes (6)** EGT-HCS-01  
Oil Pressure Sensor HPS-01
Oil Temperature Sensor FT-LC-02
Fuel Flow Sensor (1-way) FF-EI FT-60  
Fuel Pressure Sensor

For carbureted engines, use LPS‑02. For injected use HPS‑02.

Please specify at time of ordering.

Manifold Pressure Sensor, 0-31 in. Hg (0-51 in. Hg MAP-02 sensor for turbocharged engines available upon request) MAP-01   Internal
Hall Effect Current Sensor, +/- 100 amp CS-01  
Package price   $1,421 $1,966 $1,866


* If your cylinder heads do not have bayonet CHT sockets, let us know at the time of order and we will substitute 18mm ring terminal CHT probes.

**  EGT probes have a 5 year warranty.