Major HUD Software Update


The latest release of the GRT Remote app provides greatly enhanced HUD functionality, including full support for augmented reality mode. This mode points out the runway to you, with outlining of its runway edges, and a flight path marker that are shown referenced to the outside world.

Among the new functionality:

  • Augmented Reality Mode and Condensed Mode fully supported
  • Highway-in-the-Sky approach guidance
  • Runway outline
  • Enlarged HSI with heading bug
  • Course capture – HSI enlarges, moves to center, and shows ground path prediction
  • GPS Goto Waypoint display with selectable distance and ETA
  • Height above runway
  • Inverted projector mounting option
  • Improved automatic runway detection
  • Verified full functionality with $30 Android compute stick MK809 III with auto-startup

Download the latest HUD user manual to learn more.

Download the latest software here.

Development continues…stay tuned for the latest!