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Safe-Fly 2020 ADS-B Compliant GPS Module

Setting a New Standard for GPS Data

2020 ADS-B Compliant GPS Source – Meets or exceeds FAR 91.227, TSO-C166b,      TSO-C154c

Includes Serial Port Expander, adding 3 serial ports to any GRT EFIS

RAIM integrity monitored position data provides integrity/accuracy alerting for all GRT    EFIS

Quick startup

No standby power required

Machined Aluminum case adds physical and EMI protection

Multiple, Isolated power inputs

Includes antenna and pre-wired cable

Compatible with Trig and Sandia ADS-B output devices

More than just position…

All GPS receivers are not created equal.  While all GPS receivers provide navigation data, the Safe-Fly RAIM GPS adds position accuracy and integrity data outputs. This allows your GRT EFIS to alert you if accuracy degrades or integrity can not be assured, just as you have come to expect with an approach approved GPS.  One less unknown, adding confidence when navigating near obstacles and terrain when visibility is reduced, and during synthetic approaches.

The GRT Safe-Fly is a 2020 ADS-B compliant GPS, allowing it to be used as the navigation source for your compatible ADS-B output. This full compliance with FAR 91.227 allows your ADS-B output to trigger the return of traffic data.  This demanding standard requires a GPS that is reliable to better than one undetected failure per million hours, making it a natural as your navigation source for your GRT EFIS.

Other benefits include triple isolated power inputs, making it easy to power it with primary, back up, and even a third power source. We designed the module to tolerate very high levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI), large power fluctuations, and vibration.  No standby power is required.  Even the case is machined from solid aluminum,  protecting the Safe-Fly from further EMI and physical damage.

Includes Serial Port Expander

To top it off, a built-in serial port expander means adding the Safe-Fly GPS to your GRT EFIS, adds three serial ports to your EFIS.

Available Now…$495

Safe-Fly GPS User Manual

Updated 3/02/2017