Software update for Mini series EFIS displays available

Mini Software Version 4.02  (1/23/2018)

Changes include:

  • Fix false roll/pitch trim required warnings from non-controlling unit by detecting which unit is controlling the GRT servos.
    New setting in A/P Maintenance, Controller Number, sets controller. Set to 1 for the primary controller and 2 for the backup controller. Auto uses the display link ID
  • Add data to the Bluetooth link to support future PFD/HUD graphics
  • Don’t show vertical speed if the altitude is marked invalid
  • Add support for CO Guardian and Life Guardian
  • Automatically acknowledge temporary warnings from echoUAT TMAP after 10 seconds, and ignore false warning flags
  • Hide ADS-B status lines that aren’t supported by the connected receiver
  • Hide SPC Input Counter when configured for echoUAT TMAP, it doesn’t count in this mode
  • Fix loss of external magnetometer heading when a remote air data module and an external magnetometer are connected to separate ports and the magnetometer is not connected to the air data module

Visit the Mini Support page to download the update.