Additional Map Databases

Additional Map Databases

This is a one-time update for older Horizon and Sport units. Most systems already have been updated for these databases, which were released in 2009.

To Update Display Unit: Download each file to the root directory of the USB thumb drive. Install the thumb drive to the display unit and choose each database file’s “LOAD” function on the SET MENU> Display Unit Maintenance> Database Maintenance page. The default setting is to display them on North UP pages only. After the display is finished loading the files, you may go to SET MENU and choose MOVING MAP. Locate the new databases on the list. Here you may choose to display them on ALL MAP PAGES, which will display them in Track UP.

Note: WS and HS models may need extra storage to use all of these databases. The easiest way to add extra memory is to leave the USB memory stick attached to the EFIS.

GRT US State Boundaries

GRT US Lakes and Streams

GRT US Major Roads

GRT US Railroads

GRT US Populated Places

Taws Terrain Software for HS and WS

Terrain – 48 States – USA

Terrain NW – World – Northwest (Canada, US, Mexico, …)

Terrain NE – World – North Eastern (0°-90°N, 0°-180°E)

Terrain SW- World – South West (90°S-0°, 180°W-0°)

Terrain SE – World – South East (90°S-0°, 0°-180°E)

Terrain EU – Europe (30°N-70°N, 20°W-60°E)

Terrain PM – Europe, Western Asia, Middle East

Terrain CSA – Central and South America (60°S-20°N, 93°W-30°W)