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Current AHRS Software

The most current release of the AHRS software is included in the Display Unit update files. Most GRT EFIS users will never need to use this page. However, there are times when customers request AHRS-only updates or would like to try beta testing new AHRS software.

Important: Before updating software, please read the AHRS Software Update Instructions & Revision History.

AHRSUp files can be loaded directly by using SET MENU, AHRS Maintenance, Load AHRS Software, pushing USB when prompted, and selecting the file from the list. (Requires latest HX/HXr/SX display software.)

This section contains software in the development or testing stage for customers interested in testing new features before a final release. The software below may be incomplete or have unexpected behavior. Never use in instrument conditions or other situations where EFIS failure will affect safety of flight.​

AHRS / Adaptive AHRS Software for 10.1/HX/HXr/SX/EX (2015+), WS/HS (2018+)
SoftwareVersionRelease Date
AHRS Up FileIncludes AHRS 46

Includes Adaptive AHRS 68

Version 68 fixes bad headings and calibration failures with magnetometers made after July 1, 2019.

Version 66 fixes a rare issue that could occur if the magnetometer input fails, and it supports the latest hardware.

Version 64 adds another type of yaw data to improve lateral autopilot performance. A display software update is required to make use of the data.

Version 46 improves attitude accuracy while in turn during turbulence, and due to some cases of vibration (adaptive AHRS only). This is a minor change that has been well tested and will become the standard software at the end of beta testing.
Note: This update file requires display software with support for the Adaptive AHRS.

***READ: Important altimeter calibration change for software version 57 ***

Adaptive AHRS Software Change History

AHRS Software for older displays (WS/HS software before 2018)
SoftwareVersionRelease Date
Horizon HS AHRS

Horizon WS AHRS


AHRS 46 (0.46)2/15/2017