Approach Plates for Horizon 10.1, HX and HXr

IMPORTANT: These plates are not geo-referenced. For geo-referenced plates, please visit

The FAA provides non-geo-referenced approach plates in pdf format which can be downloaded individually or batch-downloaded and placed on a USB flash drive.  This feature was intended for use in Horizon HXr or multi-screen HX systems where one screen can be dedicated to viewing the chart. The following documents explain how this works. Above-average computer skills are required for the download setup process.

How to View Approach Plates on the Horizon HX

How to View Approach Plates on the Horizon HXr

How to Batch-Download Approach Plates from the FAA AeroNav Website
Recommended for highly experienced computer users. The download tool referenced in Part 2, Step 1 of the above document is no longer maintained.  Please use this script instead.  The instructions  suggest ActiveState Perl, but Strawberry Perl should work if that isn’t available.