Horizon HX Documentation

Manuals Revision Release Date
Horizon HX-HS-WS User Manual D 9/25/2015
Quick-Ref Pilot’s Card for HX A1 5/28/2013
Horizon HX-HS-WS Setup Manual A 2/2009
Horizon HX-HS-WS Installation Manual D 3/2015
Service Bulletin SB-0001   7/2010
Cable Descriptions    
HX Cable Description and Pinout A3 8/02/2016
AHRS Pinout (Adaptive) A 5/7/2015
Example Wiring Diagrams    
Wiring Diagram- Dual display, GNC 300XL 2 4/28/2005
Wiring Diagram- Dual display, GNS 480 4 5/6/2008
Wiring Diagram- Dual display, GNS 430W/530W 1 2/22/2008
Optional Wiring    
HX Trim/Flap Sensor Installation A5 6/20/2014
Remote Dimming & Page Flip wiring A 4/2009
OAT Probe Installation Notes (All Systems) A1 8/28/2014
Drawings and Dimmensions    
Horizon HX 6.5″ Bezel D 8/24/2014
Horizon HX 8.4″ Bezel D 8/24/2014
Horizon HX-HXr Rear Connectors (photo)