Horizon HXr Documentation

Manuals Revision Release Date
Horizon HXr User Manual Preliminary 9/20/2019
Quick Reference Pilot’s Card for HXr A1 5/28/2013
Flight Instrumentation Use and Customization A1 10/16/2013
Using the HXr Moving Map A1 11/05/2013
HSI and Selection of Nav Source A1 10/06/2013
Using the Autopilot and Flight Director A1 9/06/2013
Using Remote Avionics A1 4/05/2013
HXr Graphical Engine Display Setup A 11/05/2013
Viewing Weather & Traffic on HXr A1 10/16/2013
HXr Installation Manual A5 5/07/2015
IFR Approach Users Manual Initial 7/20/2018
Cable Descriptions    
HXr Connector Pinout Diagram A4 4/03/2013
AHRS Pinout (Adaptive) A 5/7/2015
Example Wiring Diagrams    
Sample HXr Wiring Diagram 11/20/2012
HXr Suggested Serial Port Setup 11/20/2012
Dual Display Wiring w/ GTN 650 11/20/2012
Optional Wiring    
HXr Trim/Flap Sensor Installation  A5 6/20/2014
OAT Probe Installation Notes (All Systems) A1 8/28/2014
Drawings and Dimmensions    
8.4” Display Unit Bezel Template A 1/16/2018
10.4” Display Unit Bezel Template (built after 11/01/2017) A 1/15/2018
10.4” Display Unit Bezel Template (built before 11/01/2017) D 1/15/2018
12.1” Display Unit Bezel Template C 7/15/2013