Safe-Fly GPS Software

Notice for Safe-Fly+echoUAT customers: uAvionix will be requiring an echoALT for all echoUAT installations to guarantee altitude reporting performance in all conditions. This more urgently affects installations without hard-wired altitude encoder data but the echoALT covers all failure modes and performance issues with any altitude source. The echoALT is a separate module that installs between the existing echoUAT power/serial cable and the echoUAT. GRT has tested the Safe-Fly + echoUAT + echoALT with EFIS+TMAP wiring/configuration and non-TMAP/no-EFIS-control wiring/configuration and both are working starting with echoUAT Protocol software 0.4.6. The echoUAT software must not be updated until after the echoALT is installed as the echoALT will become the only accepted altitude input. See the echoUAT support page at uAvionix for the latest Service Bulletin and more information.

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Safe-Fly GPS Software: GSPCUp4.dat

Release Notes and History


The Safe-Fly GPS can be updated by an EFIS through the serial control interface. The version number and update functions are in SET MENU, Display Unit Maintenance, GRT Safe-Fly GPS / SPC. Use Load Module Software to load the update file.