Autopilot Documentation

Servo Torque Specifications Max Holding Torque (oz-in) Max Starting Torque (oz-in)
Standard Torque Servo 690 348
High Torque Servo 1176 720
Servos are over-temperature protected. Torque is automatically reduced if servo reaches maximum operating temperature. This would normally only occur if heat was directed onto the servo, or the servo had minimal cooling via airframe mounting/air circulation, which is unusual, as typical servo mounting provides significant heat conduction to the airframe.

Manuals Revision Release Date
Autopilot Mode Control Panel (touchscreen models) A 11/14/2018
GRT Autopilot Pilot’s Guide A 5/23/2014
GRT Autopilot Installation and Setup Guide B 07/18/2018
Autopilot Modes C 4/2011
Wiring Diagrams    
Single Display Unit Autopilot Wiring  H 11/07/2013
Dual Display Unit Autopilot Wiring  H 11/07/2013
Dimmensional Drawings    
Autopilot Servo Dimensional Drawing A 2/03/2017