Kivic and Epic Eagle Heads-Up Displays now supported


In our continuing effort to provide more options to our customers, we have added support for for two more Heads-Up-Displays, the Kivic and the Epic Eagle.

The Kivic is a compact all-in-one unit. It is light-weight and adjustable, with an attractive high-tech look. It is similar to the Hudly, but its one-piece design may be easier to mount in some cases, It’s light weight, would seem to make it well suited for a swing down installation from above in airplanes like the RV-10. It uses its own version of screen-mirroring*, which appeared to have minimal latency (delay). A very promising HUD, and retails for only $225!

The Epic Eagle is an aviation HUD which features an image focused at infinity and a high-resolution screen. We have not flown with this HUD yet, but verified its focus is at infinity. It is a larger unit, but keep in mind that our app allows it to be installed inverted if desired, for a possible swing-down installation.  The test unit we evaluated appeared to be unable to dim enough for night flying. It currently uses screen-mirroring Epic plans to add an HDMI input to the next version. It retails for approximately $2000.


* Screen mirroring allows a tablet or cell phone to transmit its display onto another device (such as a HUD) using wireless wi-fi technology. This method can add some latency (maybe a couple tenths of a second) to the image. Screen-mirroring is not compatible with a compute stick and does require selection of the appropriate mode on the tablet or cell phone before flying.