Mini EFIS (Generation II) is Now in Production

The Mini EFIS (Generation II) is now in production and units will begin shipping soon. Unlike the previous Mini, this version mounts in a 3-1/8″ hole and has a number of refinements which include a high resolution display, optional touchscreen, up to 6 serial ports and an analog port.

Our “only pay for the features you need” pricing model used on the Sport EX has been highly popular, so we have chosen to apply this to the new Mini pricing as well. The base model Mini includes a full featured PFD, autopilot control (full lateral/altitude hold), and engine display (EIS required).

Available options include Touch screen, Moving Map, Synthetic Vision, Vertical Autopilot Commands, Additional Serial Ports, Internal Backup Battery, and Angle of Attack.

We have created two packages that include features commonly ordered together which provide a discount over purchasing them separately.  The “Basic Package” adds the Moving Map and Synthetic Vision options to the base model.  The “Advanced Package” adds the Moving Map, Synthetic Vision, Additional Serial Ports and Vertical Autopilot Command options to the base model.