Discovery Dual Band ADS-B Receiver

The GRT Discovery provides a no-compromise solution to your adding ADS-B weather and traffic to your GRT EFIS or any EFIS compatible with the standard GDL90 serial output. Wi-fi connectivity means your Android, iOS, and Windows app is also supported.

Wired connections using a standard d-sub connector provide reliable power and data connections, and wide temperature range operation without internal fans make the GRT Discovery an ADS-B receiver you can depend on.



Subscription-free weather is provided by ADS-B, allowing your GRT EFIS to display Nexrad weather overlays, METARS for any airport, terminal area forecasts (TAF), TFRs, NOTAMs, and much more.


ADS-B traffic information is provided by ground stations as well as airplane-to-airplane ADS-B and 1090ES outputs. Traffic is displayed on the moving map, primary flight display, and via insets on Horizon 10.1 and Sport 10.1 models. Visual and audio traffic alerting provides an additional safeguard when near other aircraft.

  • Dual Band (978/1090) ADS-B Receiver
  • Connects to any GRT Avionics EFIS using RS-232 or USB
  • Wi-Fi connectivity supports large number of tablet/phone apps
  • Attitude and air data display on tablet/phone apps driven by aviation quality AHRS from GRT EFIS
  • USB GPS input for stand-alone receiver operation or as backup to GRT EFIS
  • Weather, traffic, and NOTAMS provided to US users
  • 1090 extended squitter traffic data worldwide
  • Supports Multiple display units
  • Operates stand-alone, with GRT Avionics EFIS, or with any GDL90 compatible avionics
  • Includes ADS-B antenna, 6’ coax and power/data cable

Applications supported by WiFi

  • AvNav
  • Avare
  • DroidEFB
  • AvPlan EFB
  • iFly GPS
  • FltPlan Go
  • Naviator
  • ForeFlight 7
  • WingX
  • iFly GPS
  • AerovieReports
  • Seattle Avionics FlyQ EFB
  • FltPlan Go
  • OzRunways EFB
  • FltPlan Go


Manual Revision Release Date
Discovery ADS-B Receiver Manual A 4/21/2021



Software Version Release Date

Receiver Software

Release Notes and History


(1.02 with WiFi settings fix)


There are 3 ways to update the receiver. In any case, after the update transfer completes the receiver will reboot a couple times.

  1. Save the update to a USB drive and connect the drive to the full size USB port on the receiver. Monitor the EFIS or WiFi web interface to see when it completes. Most updates finish in less than 5 minutes.
  2. or use a web browser to load the update file through the System Update function in the Settings page of the receiver WiFi web interface.
  3. or save the update to a USB drive, connect the drive to an EFIS with full Discovery ADS-B interface, and load the update through SET MENU, Display Unit Maintenance, ADS-B Status, Update GRT Software. This can take 10 minutes or more.


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