Sensor Documentation

Pressure (Fuel, Oil, Coolant, Hydraulic)    
LPS-02 (0-28psi) VDO Pressure Sender  A1  1/10/2014
HPS-01 (0-150psi) and HPS-02 (0-80psi) VDO Pressure Senders  –  
HPS-SS-01 (0-100psi) Pressure Sender  –  
Fuel Flow    
FF-EI FT-60 “Red Cube” Fuel Fow Sensor  –  
FloScan Fuel Flow Sensor  –  
Fuel Level    
Calibrating Resistive Type Float Fuel Senders  A1 8/07/2013
Princeton Capacitive Fuel Probe Calibration    
Fuel Probe Scale Factor and Offset Calculator    
Manifold Pressure    
MAP-01 and MAP-02 Manifold Pressure Sensors  –  
CS-01 100A Current Sensor  E 7/15/2021
CS-02 50A Current Sensor  
Outside Air Temperature    
OAT Probe Installation  –  
Fluid temperature (via Aux)    
FT-1827-02 Fluid Temperature (via Aux) A 9/24/2013
Voltage (via Aux)    
Voltage (via Aux) 8/24/2014