EIS Documentation

Important Note About EIS Warning Lights: We have recently starting shipping LED warning lights with attached wires. The violet warning light wire is no longer present in EIS wiring harnesses, as shown in our wiring diagrams.  The new LED warning lights have a D-sub terminal pin already attached to one of the wires.  This pin can be snapped into the D-sub connector, pin 7.  The other wire must be connected to +12V power. We will be updating the wiring diagrams at a future date.

Manual Revision Release Date
Remote EIS R66 A 4/12/2018
EIS 4000 Manual for Turbine and Turboprop Engines G 5/24/2011
EIS 4000 / 6000 / 9000 manual P 5/16/2019
EIS 2002 (2-stroke) manual B 6/13/2019
EIS 2004 (4-stroke) manual B 6/13/2019
EIS 2000 manual for Powered Parachutes (with GPS interface)    
EIS Model 3 User Manual with Wiring Diagrams    –
Manual Addendums    
EIS Airspeed-Altimeter option 3/20/2013
EIS Rotax 912 / 914 addendum 8/27/2014
EIS Troubleshooting Guide    
EIS Troubleshooting Guide 9/17/2015
Wiring Diagrams    
EIS 2002 (2-stroke) Wiring Diagram C 5/07/2013
EIS 2004 (4-stroke) Wiring Diagram C 5/07/2013
EIS 2004 Powered Parachute w/ Rotax 912 Wiring Diagram (external cold-junction) A 3/18/2009
EIS 9000 Wiring Diagram 5/14/2015
EIS with Dual TIT wiring   9/2/2015
EIS Honeywell oil pressure sensor wiring 3/20/2013
EIS 4000 Turbine Wiring Diagram (Connector A)    
EIS 4000 Turbine Wiring Diagram (Connector A, MIL-7990 Oil temp)    
EIS 4000 Turbine Wiring Diagram (Connector A, Dual Fuel Flow)    
EIS 4000 Turbine Wiring Diagram (Connector B, TIT)    
Mounting template  
EIS Mounting Template A1 8/28/2014