10.1/HXr Navigation Database Updates

Navigation Database Valid Date Posted Date
Free U.S. Navigation and Procedures Database for Horizon 10.1 and HXr with internal procedures option
For Horizon 10.1 and HXr screens with the internal IFR approach procedures option, this database includes the regular navigation data and procedures in one file. This file is also compatible with other 10.1/HXr/HX/SX/EX/Mini models, they will ignore the data they can’t use.
11/30/2023 11/28/2023
Free U.S. Navigation Database for all other systems 11/30/2023 11/28/2023
Note: The Nav database is on a 28-day cycle. New updates are posted when we receive them.
Optional or Non-U.S. Navigation Database (All Systems)
Jeppesen Avionics Database Subscription
Note: One Jeppesen data subscription can be shared among all GRT EFIS screens in the airplane.
Approach Plates and Charts (Horizon 10.1, HXr and HX only)
Seattle Avionics Georeferenced IFR & VFR Chart Subscription
Free Non-Georeferenced FAA Approach Plates