Horizon HXr EFIS


Manuals Revision Release Date
Horizon HXr User Manual Preliminary 9/20/2019
Quick Reference Pilot’s Card for HXr A1 5/28/2013
Flight Instrumentation Use and Customization A1 10/16/2013
Using the HXr Moving Map A1 11/05/2013
HSI and Selection of Nav Source A1 10/06/2013
Using the Autopilot and Flight Director A1 9/06/2013
Using Remote Avionics A1 4/05/2013
HXr Graphical Engine Display Setup A 11/05/2013
Viewing Weather & Traffic on HXr A1 10/16/2013
HXr Installation Manual A5 5/07/2015
IFR Approach Users Manual Initial 7/20/2018
Cable Descriptions    
HXr Connector Pinout Diagram A4 4/03/2013
AHRS Pinout (Adaptive) A 5/7/2015
Example Wiring Diagrams    
Sample HXr Wiring Diagram 11/20/2012
HXr Suggested Serial Port Setup 11/20/2012
Dual Display Wiring w/ GTN 650 11/20/2012
Optional Wiring    
HXr Trim/Flap Sensor Installation  A5 6/20/2014
OAT Probe Installation Notes (All Systems) A1 8/28/2014
Drawings and Dimmensions    
8.4” Display Unit Bezel Template A 1/16/2018
10.4” Display Unit Bezel Template (built after 11/01/2017) A 1/15/2018
10.4” Display Unit Bezel Template (built before 11/01/2017) D 1/15/2018
12.1” Display Unit Bezel Template C 7/15/2013


Beta Software

This section contains software in the development or testing stage for customers interested in testing new features before a final release. The software below may be incomplete or have unexpected behavior. Never use in instrument conditions or other situations where EFIS failure or unexpected behavior will affect safety of flight.

  Version Release Date
Approach Procedure Software

The procedure functions require the Nav and Proc database below in place of the non-procedure navigation database. See the Instrument Approach User Manual for instructions and limitations.

Version 8.01-proc7 includes 8.01 changes and fixes an issue loading a selected transition.
8.01-proc7 10/26/2022
The GRT US Government Nav and Proc database is now in the Navigation Database tab or page.    
Miscellaneous software
Software Description
AHRS Software The most current release of the AHRS software is included in the Display Unit update files. Most GRT EFIS users will never need to use this page. However, there are times when customers request AHRS-only updates or would like to try beta testing new AHRS software.
Checklist (Example) All versions of the GRT EFIS with a MAP page (except Mini) contain a checklist function (with recent software). The checklists must be created on a computer in plain text format and loaded into the EFIS as CHECKLIST.TXT. A text editor such as Notepad will work.
Demo File Decoding and Analysis

SavvyAnalysis.com analyzes engine data as a service.

Emarit Ranu’s Excel-based Flight Data Analysis Tool can open demo files in Excel to make graphs, compute statistics, and show flight paths on Google Earth.

Carl Morgan’s Demo File Decoder can load flight data into a spreadsheet & plot GPS data on Google Earth.

Demo Flight HXr

Demo Flight HX

Demo Flight SX
Copy the files inside these ZIP files to your USB memory stick to play back some recorded approaches and weather on your EFIS.  *Note that any demo file can be played on any GRT EFIS, regardless of which model it was recorded on.
EIS Log Allows EIS recorded data to be decoded in spreadsheet form. Record on your EFIS memory stick or to a laptop and decode the file with this software.
Version 11 3/09/2015
GRT Remote App The GRT Remote App offers many tools to ease pilot workload for flight planning, radio tuning and offers support for the Hudly Heads-Up-Display. It is also a unique and simple solution for back-seat flight instruments and controls for radios and flight planning.
Version 2.3.0 Updated 1/05/2017
Stratux ADS-B (Raspberry Pi 2) Image file for Raspberry Pi 2 that provides serial output. See Equipment Supplements for more information.
Stratux ADS-B (Raspberry Pi 3) Image file for Raspberry Pi 3 that provides serial output.
Trig TT22 Adapter Software Version 5 adds support for more types of compliant GPS data and supports sending air data for ADS-B air-ground switching by setting Squat Switch to AHRS and GPS data (requires display software update).
Version 5 released 7/6/2017


Navigation Database

Navigation Database Valid Date Posted Date
Free U.S. Navigation and Procedures Database for Horizon 10.1 and HXr with internal procedures option
For Horizon 10.1 and HXr screens with the internal IFR approach procedures option, this database includes the regular navigation data and procedures in one file. This file is also compatible with other 10.1/HXr/HX/SX/EX/Mini models, they will ignore the data they can’t use.
11/30/2023 11/28/2023
Free U.S. Navigation Database for all other systems 11/30/2023 11/28/2023
Note: The Nav database is on a 28-day cycle. New updates are posted when we receive them.
Optional or Non-U.S. Navigation Database (All Systems)
Jeppesen Avionics Database Subscription
Note: One Jeppesen data subscription can be shared among all GRT EFIS screens in the airplane.
Approach Plates and Charts (Horizon 10.1, HXr and HX only)
Seattle Avionics Georeferenced IFR & VFR Chart Subscription
Free Non-Georeferenced FAA Approach Plates